How to Clean Sunglasses Lenses

How to Clean Sunglasses Lenses

Here in this article, I am going to explain how to clean sunglasses lenses properly.

Many people clean their sunglasses lenses with their own breath and a piece of cloth. But this is a wrong way. Within a short time, your sunglasses lens will be damaged. Some people also use liquid soap and paper towel to do the job.

Only for these kinds of bad habits, many people buy more than one pair of sunglasses every year.

What you need to clean sunglasses lenses?

  1. Water (cold or lukewarm)
  2. Lens Cleaner Liquid
  3. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

‚Äč3 Easy Steps to Clean Sunglasses Lenses without scratching them

1. Clean both hands: Before you clean your sunglasses lenses, make sure both of your hands are totally clean. If your hand carry any dirt or anything else that can transfer to your sunglasses lenses, your sunglasses lens will be dirtier. So use enough soap and clean water to wash your hands. Then dry them with a clean towel.

2. Now wet your sunglasses lenses with clean cold or lukewarm water. Never use hot water as it can damage your sunglasses lenses protecting coating. Then apply special lens cleaner liquid to both sides of your sunglasses lenses and rub them with your hand or a microfiber cloth.

Try to avoid all types of paper products and traditional glass cleaner to clean sunglasses lenses. I personally use SECUROMAX microfiber cleaning cloth to clean my Eyeglasses lens, iPhone & monitor screen. I also use Better Seeing glasses cleaner spray.

3. Now rinse your sunglasses lenses with clean water. If your tap water is good, you can use tap water. After rinsing, shake your sunglasses to remove water drops. To dry it, you can use mini blower too. I personally use Westminster Mini Blower.

3 Tips to protect your sunglasses lenses

1. Always store your sunglasses in a protective case by wrapping with a microfiber cloth when you are not wearing them.

2. Don't try to dry your sunglasses lenses with a paper towel because it can scratch your lenses. As we all know paper towels contain wood fibers. Also, try to avoid 100% cotton cloth because they also filled with dust.

3. Don't use an alcohol prep pad to clean sunglasses lenses because it can remove lens coating.

Hope you enjoyed all the above tips and found it helpful. If you follow all the tips I provide here your sunglasses lens will remain clean and scratch-free for a long time.

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