Guide To Buying Sheets

Guide To Buying Sheets

How to choose the best bed sheets?

Usually, we use a bed sheet to cover our mattress and for making an attractive bed. Though it’s a simple product but it connects directly to our body when we sleep. So we need to choose the best bed sheet to make our bed more comfortable and attractive. To find out the most suitable bed sheet for your bed you can follow the following instructions where you will get proper ideas about bed sheets. 

1. Think about thread count: 

To choose a smooth, soft and comfortable sheet for your bed first you need to consider thread count. Bed sheets below 200 thread counts will not be able to make your bed comfortable. People with sensitive skin need to avoid products below 200 thread counts. Bed sheet above 200 thread counts will provide you good quality sheet that help you to make a comfortable bed. To get the highest quality luxury sheets you need to select bed sheets over 500 thread counts.

2. Consider the effect of bed sheet fabric:

Fabric selection is one of the most important factors for buying quality bed sheet. Examine and compare the advantages and disadvantages of some fabrics from below.

Cotton: Most people use cotton bed sheet because it has long fibers that make bed soft and more comfortable. Sheets made of cotton are also easy to care that make it more preferable.

Cotton types :

Egyptian cotton:
It is considered the world’s finest cotton. It has long fibers and it ensures the highest levels of purity because this cotton is hand-picked (they never use a machine because mechanical picking puts stress on the fibers). This fabric is made of extra-long fibers that give bed sheets super softness and make it long-lasting.

In one word we can say bed-sheets made of Egyptian cotton are smoother, softer and last longer than others. But it is too much expensive.

Pima cotton:
Pima cotton is considered the second finest cotton after Egyptian cotton. It also has long fibers like Egyptian cotton. These long fibers create high quality and long-lasting bed sheets. It’s cheaper than Egyptian cotton sheets but it returns more than its value.

Sea Island cotton:

Sheets made of Sea Island cotton is also popular like Egyptian cotton because of it’s longest fibers (it is 20% longer than other cotton’s fiber). Traditionally this cotton is picked by hand and processed by a secret method since 1866. Though Sea Island cotton sheets are very soft and attractive but it is too much expensive for it’s best quality and rarity.

3. Bed Sheet Weaves:

Bed sheet weaves play an important role in Bed Sheet’s softness and longevity.
Weave Types:

  • Sateen Weave is silky and glossy that make sheet more comfortable but it is less durable than others.
  • Percale Weaves used to produce a smooth crispy and long durable bed sheets. It is also less expensive.
  • Flannel weave sheets are made of cotton (100 percent). It provides warmth in cold weather. This sheet is ideal for winter.

4. Bed Sheet Colors:

Choose the color for your bed sheet that matches best with your bedroom items (Wall color, carpet color etc.) to create an excellent balance into your bedroom.

White: A white sheet can make our bed more stylish and make us relaxed. It has a soothing effect that makes us sleepy.

Green: After a busy day your green sheet is always ready to provide a relaxing climate into your bedroom. It also creates a comfortable and peaceful environment for good sleep that makes you ready for next day.

Yellow: A Yellow bed sheet can increase the brightness of your bedroom and will create a welcoming environment. If, something already yellow (to match with bed sheet) in your bedroom that will make your bedroom more attractive.

Blue: Blue is the color of sky and ocean. By using blue bed sheet easily, you can bring a natural feel into your bedroom. A blue bed sheet can make your bed more stylish and dreamy.

Research showed that most people prefer blue as their best bedroom color as it make us quiet and calm. You can match your blue bed sheets with bedroom wall and bedroom furniture to make your bed attractive for a dreamy sleep.

5. Bed Sheet Sizes:

Generally bed sheets are available in 6 different sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King & California King).

Some Tips: 

  • Consider your need and choice before buying a sheet.
  • Try to match color with other items of your bedroom for giving a dreamy look into your bedroom.
  • Consider the size and depth of your mattress before buying a sheet.
  • Try to invest a handsome amount to buy a quality sheet for an unbelievable return in bed.

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