Room Painting Ideas

Room Painting Ideas for Small Rooms & Bedroom

To make a beautiful bedroom, at first you need to choose the most suitable paint color for your bedroom. If you already found a wonderful decorating idea for your bedroom but hesitate to choose colors to paint your bedroom, this guide will provide you all necessary painting ideas you need to paint your bedroom properly.

How To Choose a Paint Color For a Bedroom or Small Room: 4 Things You Can Do

Test a Color

At first, test the color before applying it. You can purchase a sample color from the nearest store. Then select a little place of your wall to paint it. After painting, easily you can see how it looks. If it fulfills the expectation, go forward with it. Otherwise, make another experiment with a different color until you satisfy.

Try Multiple Colors

You can use multiple colors to paint your wall to make it more attractive. Do not use more than two or three colors to paint your bedroom wall because too many colors can make your bedroom grimy.

Before using more than one color, make sure you gather proper knowledge from a color expert or an experienced painter. Otherwise, you are going to make your bedroom ugly!

Find Out A Color That Suits You

Select a color that suits you best and makes you feel good. Most people use color to reflect their thinking. Also, colors have the ability to change our mood and have the power to make your bedroom look bigger and smaller.

Match color with your furniture

Also, you can choose your furniture for paint color ideas (for matching with furniture) to paint your bedroom wall. There are some common items in almost every bedroom. You can pick a color from one of them to make your bedroom beautiful and attractive.

Try to spend more times to find out the most suitable colors because color has the power to affect our moods and thoughts.

Room Colors & Their Effects

Room colors reflect our personality. As color affects us directly, so you have to find out which color make you feel better. To paint the entire room, you can only choose one color or 2/3 colors for a nice color combination.

Now give a look at following colors and their effects:

Green Color:

Green is the best color for a bedroom. It has the ability to make a relaxed and peaceful bedroom. It can produce a self-inspired freshness into your bedroom. Green also known as the most relaxing color on the planet. We know green is a mixture of blue and yellow.

Blue is the color of refreshing and Yellow is used to show happiness. By taking refreshment from blue and happiness from yellow, we can easily make green as one of the best choices for our bedroom.

Green is identified as the most relaxing color for eyes as it can increase eyesight. It is useful for living stress-free. It works well for both male and female. As it has a strong relationship with nature, you can easily increase your relationship with nature by painting your bedroom with green color.

Red Color:

Red is known as the color of love and strength. It can increase your bedroom’s energy level. The color red raises emotions and encourages us to do something. Red is strong and always grabs our attention. It works better with all the lights and helps to make your bedroom spacious.

It also increases your confidence to do what you want. The color red improves our physical ability, raises our heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, you can easily reduce the levels of adrenalin. In China, people love the red color and consider red as the symbol of good luck.

In India, Red is the symbol of purity. They always use red color in their wedding ceremonies. Though red is considered too encouraging for a bedroom but most effective way to use it in combination (one wall blue, one white and others are red – depends on your choice).

Blue Color:

Blue is known as the color of truth, honesty and responsibility. The color blue is so much comfortable one that helps us to calm our mind and prevent stress.

Many people want to use it in their bedroom because it can make us feel sleepy. Both the sky and the sea is blue. By using this in our bedroom, we can easily take natural flavor from our bedroom.

Yellow Color: 

Yellow is the color of joy and hope. It helps us to brighten up our bedroom, boost our mood and bring a smile on our face. The color yellow shines well with almost all lights.

It gives us a new idea to do our duty. If we choose the yellow color to paint our room, it will raise our spirit and make us more confident. The color yellow also makes people more sensible.

Pink Color:

Pink is the color of love and romance. Most young girls like pink color too much. The pink color is a combination of red and white color. By bringing action from red and purity from white, it makes us hopeful. It provides a calm and relaxed look in our bedroom.

It provides the purity and sweetness of baby to us. You can easily bring a difference by combining pink with other dark colors. It supplies warmness to our family members.

White Color:

White is the color of purity, cleanliness and perfection. It opens the way to create something new with full force. It’s a fantastic color to use for any style. By using white color, we can easily make our bedroom bright and bring a fresh look.

The color white represents a successful start. White can make a comfortable and airy feeling into our bedroom. To give a better look you can easily combine some other colors with it.

Some attractive bedroom color combinations should be white and blue, white and green, white and red.

Purple Color:

Purple is known as the color of royalty and spirituality. It combines the power of red and the stability of blue. It represents strength, glory and ambition. Purple is an uncommon color as it is rare in nature.

If you want to add a romantic feel to your bedroom, purple is the best paint color to do it. Though purple is the best choice for bedroom color, we need to be more careful to prevent its excess use.


Does the color of your room affect your mood?

Ans: Yes. Color has the power to affect human directly.

What is the most relaxing color to paint a bedroom?

Ans: Green Color.

What is the best bedroom color for sleeping?

Ans: Blue Color.

What is the most peaceful color?

Ans: Green Color.

What is the most romantic color for a bedroom?

Ans: Pink Color.

Extra Tips:

  • If you don’t have enough confidence try to hire an experienced painter to paint your bedroom.
  • Try to consult with a color expert to find out the most suitable color for your bedroom.

Final Words:

Select the best bedroom paint color that related to one another to give your bedroom a dreamy look. Deeply look at your bedroom and think which colors match together and organize them properly to capture a well-matched bedroom.

Hope all above room painting ideas will help you find the best paint color for your room. If you have any question or suggestion for us, don’t think twice to leave a comment below! Hope you also love our following article. 

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