How To Clean Your Room Step By Step

How To Clean Your Room Step By Step

A clean room helps us to feel better emotionally. A clean room also helps us to maintain good health. Here I provide some tips on how to clean your room step by step. Also, this tips will help you to make sure your room remains clean and beautiful for a long time. 

How To Clean Your Room In 10 Easy Steps (what worked for me)


Put some music on when you start to work for making your room clean. It will help you to work with great energy. It also helps you to pass the time (when you are working) quickly because music makes the time go faster. Currently I use COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone (Amazon link) to boost up. 


Open the window to let a little light in so that you can find out all garbage. You can also switch the light on to do the same job. Collect all garbage that you find in your room and put all of them in a bin to throw away all garbage together. When you will able to throw away every single garbage (you identify) from your room just look at your room, it must charm you.


When you start working, do not forget to make some files (you can easily make it with old stuff) or buy some bins. My favorite bin is Rev-A-Shelf Replacement Waste Bin (link to Amazon). It's thick, well-made and long-lasting. Cheap too!  You can use them to move something from one room to another room. You can also store some unessential things (This thing may need in future) by using files. You can also use it (files) to keep garbage. 


You need to put away dirty dishes, glasses, cups or any other items from your room. If you always use your bedroom to eat, then try to change this habit. You must eat your meal in your dining room. I think it is the perfect place for eating.


Try to redecorate your room if you do not like the current one. You need to be more careful when you start to change your room decoration. Ask yourself what you like don’t ask your near one what he likes because your room only represents you and your choice. In addition, it (room redecoration) is a great way to inspire yourself.

Look around your room and take note (you can use a pencil and a piece of paper) what you need to do to make your room attractive. Just believe yourself, you are the best interior designer in your room!  


You need to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes. Now put all the dirty clothes in the hamper. I use Hanging Cotton Canvas Laundry Hamper Bag (link to Amazon) from last year. This Heavy-duty bag is machine-washable & it's only $10. ] You can clean all of them in your free time. You must keep your clean clothes in the closet. In addition, you can use your closet to keep your belts, ties, and handbags. You can keep your shoes beside your main door.

7. You need to confirm, all the things in your room have a place to go. Before earning a new thing, you need to consider space and need.


You should paint your room to make it more attractive. You can choose any color you like. You can also choose mix color or use multiple colors to paint the room. Just be creative to do it. The best job is to hire a good painter.

Before buying color, you should take a proper idea from an experienced person (if you hire a painter, try to know details from him). Choose a good brand to make sure its quality. The paint will brighten your room. After painting, your room will be more attractive.


Do not forget to lighten up your room because Lighting is the major element that makes your room more attractive. To choose suitable light for your room visit Amazon (Room lights link). You can get a thousand types of light to choose the best one for you. Always try to use natural light if possible. You can use sunlight in the daytime and use moonlight (sleeping time) to give a dreamy look into your room when night.

Final Step to clean your room

Make your room green with beautiful flowers and plants. The best idea is to fill your room with a variety of plants to ensure a better quality of sleep. You can use Jasmine, Aloe Vera, Gardenia, Spider plant, Peace Lily and many more. Check indoor live tree on Amazon. Try to wipe the leaves every day. If it is not possible for you, try to do it every week.

I hope you find what you are looking for to make your room clean properly. Your room/bedroom is your comfort zone. Do not let your room/bedroom go out of your control.

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