Dog Room Ideas

Make A Comfortable & Safe Dog Room : 10 Easy Steps To Follow

Do you want to make a comfortable dog room for your pet dog?
In this article, I will tell you how to make a perfect dog room easily. You will also learn which furniture and toys you need to provide in your dog room to make it more enjoyable to him/her. Don't be afraid, Dog toys & furniture are extremely cheap. Check cheap dog toyfurniture price on Amazon

8 Simple Dog Room Ideas To Keep Your Pup Happy & Healthy

Make a Layout 

Look carefully at your house or flat and find out a suitable area to make the dog room. Measure the length and width of your selected area properly. This measurement will help you to make the perfect layout for your dog bedroom. You should consider everything your dog need when you make the layout.

Make a pet-friendly floor

When you make a dog room, first you need to choose a pet-friendly floor. So that you can save your floor from dog scratches, dog poop and dog urine. Some scratch-resistant, water-resistant and long durable floorings are Carpeted floorings (made with carpet tiles), Stone tile flooring, Hardwood flooring, Bamboo flooring, Cark flooring, Laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. 

You can choose one of them to save floor from your pet dog. Also, you can cut your dog nail regularly to protect your room floor.

Train your puppy to use potty

Don’t forget to provide a potty in your dog room and train your dog to use the potty when he needs. You should clean the potty regularly.

Buy or Make A Comfortable Dog Bed

Make or buy a pretty dog bed for your dog sleeping. You can use your old stuff to make a dog bed. If you think to buy a dog bed, you have to consider his size and weight. Because you have to confirm the bed you purchase is comfortable for dog sleeping. Last year I bought Keet Westerhill Pet Sofa Bed for my dog 'Charlie'. Its awesome! Charlie spend most of his leisure time by sleeping on it. 

Try to buy a durable bed sheet to cover your dog bed. Set a rug into your pet room to make the room more comfortable and fashionable. Choose a rug from Nylon rugs, Wool rugs and Sisal rugs to get the best result. Buy whatever you think necessary for your dog bedroom. Only you need to be sure that it is washable.

Check out our cheap high-quality dog bed review. 

Use Non-toxic Paints

Paint the room with non-toxic color. Also, set some dog pictures and funny stickers with your dog room wall to make it attractive to him.

Make a secure & Comfortable Environment

Make the room more secure by Keeping harmful items out of reach. To protect both dog and light fixtures (and bulb) you should set light fixtures at top of your room wall. Set an air conditioner or a Ceiling fan in your pet room to create a comfortable temperature in the hot season. Don’t forget to set a heater too to keep him warm in winter.

Buy Some Dog Safe Toys

Provide some dog toys and other necessary items to your pet dog room. Make sure all of them are safe for a dog before you buy. Check these cheap & dog safe toys on Amazon. Some safe and popular dog toys are Activity Ball, Buster cube, Nyla bone, Booda Rope, Kongs, Goodie Grippers, Bob-a-lot and Tire Biter.

Buy and deliver a basket to your pet dog room to store his toys. Train your dog properly to keep toys in basket after playing.

Train Your Puppy to Use Dog Bowls

Buy two dog bowls and use them to supply foods to your pet dog room. Use one of them to deliver foods and use the second one to provide water. Train your dog to eat where you set two bowls. Check pet safe dog bowls on Amazon.  

Set Up A TV On Room Wall

Set up a LED TV with your pet dog room wall and store some funny dog video there. Your puppy should get some entertainment in TV.

Set Up A Camera

Set up a CC Camera in a suitable place of the room. So that, you can monitor him/her from outside of your house. 

Some extra tips

  • You should fill two bowls with water and food before you go outside.
  • Make sure there is sufficient space in your dog room for play.
  • Don’t forget to clean your pet dog room daily. If you unable to do it daily try to do it every week.
  • Go to a dog-training centre or buy a dog-training book to train your dog properly.
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